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Retail Market Specials

We stock several hundreds of items and our inventory changes daily with seasonality, availability and pricing. For these reasons, we do not publish a retail price list.


Easter Specials!

  • Live Maine Lobster (1lb) $16.95/lb
  • Live Maine Lobster (1.25lb) $17.95/lb
  • Live Maine Lobster (1.5lb) $18.95/lb
  • Live Maine Lobster (2-3lb) $20.95/lb
  • Chilean Sea Bass $19.95/lb
  • Peruvian Sea Bass $11.95/lb
  • Mussels $2.99/lb
  • Cod $8.95/lb
  • Freshly Shucked Gulf Oysters $1.00 each
  • Ask about our Party Platters!

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