Independent Seafoods offers a variety of lobster and lobster meat to fit your needs. A staple on any seafood menu, you won’t want to pass up these delicious offerings.

  • African
  • Australian
  • Brazilian
  • Danish Scampi
  • Head on
  • Tails
  • Florida
  • Lobster Bodies
  • Rock
  • Maine (Canadian)
  • Whole Crayfish
  • Crayfish Tail Meat

African Lobster
South African lobster tails are one of the top choices around the world. The African Lobster has a bright red shell compared to the brown shell of American lobsters. African lobster meat is sweet and succulent.

Australian Lobster
Recognized for their green shells, North Australian lobsters have a smooth and mild flavor.

Brazilian Lobster
Brazilian Lobsters shells are darker compared to other lobsters. The compact claws have delicate and delicious meat.The warm waters of Brazil produce a lobster whose meat cooks up tender and flavorful every time.

Canadian/Cold Water Lobster
Cold Water lobster has a smooth, velvety texture that easily pulls away from the shell. The majority of the Canadian lobster’s meat is found in the tail. Most people say the cold water lobster “melts in your mouth”. The meat is sweeter than a warm water lobster.

Maine Lobster
Maine lobster is the pride of New England and perhaps America’s favorite crustacean. Maine lobster has a mild and sweet flavor and a medium texture. Typically, the tail meat is firmer than the claw meat. Maine lobster meat is mostly white with tinges of bright red.

Rock Lobster
Also called spiny lobsters, rock lobsters are  a warm water species that lack claws. You’ll find all of the tasty, subtly sweet meat is in the tail of the rock lobster.