Why Buying Fish In Season Is a Win/Win

It’s no secret that eating vegetables and fruits at their peak, perfectly ripe and freshly plucked from the vine,  is the best way eat them. Many people don’t realize or just aren’t sure how to gauge when seafood is at it’s peak and why it makes a difference.

The seafood buyers here at Independent Seafoods believe that buying your seafood in season (which varies depending on the fish) and at the right size (stage in the life cycle) can make all the difference when it comes to a meal. As a BONUS, if a fish is in-season that means they are much more plentiful, which usually translates to a steady and diverse selection when planning your menu and can translate to lower food costs. We understand that it may not be possible with all of your items, but be sure to take advantage of delicious, fresh, in-season fish when you can. Providing our customers with information one seasonality if just one part of our commitment to offering sustainable seafood solutions.

Whether you want to expand your horizons and diversify your menu with new types and preparations of fish or simply buy when the price is right, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular Florida seafood seasons below:

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For fish from outside of Florida, check out this helpful infographic:

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 Just like your favorite fruits and veggies, many fishes’ peak season does not fall perfectly into a specific season, but may span from spring into late summer or cross from fall to winter.

Also of note, most of these  seafood products are available frozen and if necessary, seafood can be sourced from outside of our region.

As always, if you have questions about what to purchase or whether a certain type of fish is available for purchase, please feel free to contact your salesperson or call our office for assistance.